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For investment real estate owners in Wise County, Denton County, and surrounding areas, the professional property management team at Cannon Realty & Cannon Property Management can provide an array of services. From pricing your properties competitively to marketing and advertising, screening tenants and more, we help you maximize the wise investment you made when you purchased property.

We work diligently to attract responsible, qualified renters who meet their financial obligations and treat your property with respect. We provide thorough credit checks and background screenings, and we work with your incoming tenants to complete leasing paperwork. We provide inspections at move-in and move-out, and we handle all maintenance on both an emergency and routine basis.

Our professional property managers keep you in the driver’s seat by providing you with financial reports and updates on the status of your rentals. When you partner with Cannon Realty & Cannon Property Management, you can feel confident that your investment is protected and running smoothly. To find out more about the services we provide to property owners, please contact us.